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The Campylobacter Resource Facility website has been created to display data and resources generated from Brendan Wren's group at the LSHTM. The group uses genome-based technologies such as next-generation sequencing, microarrays and mutants to study the pathogenesis of this microorganism.

We have completed the re-annotation of the Campylobacter jejuni NCTC11168 genome (Gundogdu O, et al. 2007, BMC Genomics), originally sequenced at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (Parkhill J, Wren B, et al. 2000, Nature). The re-annotation, undertaken by Ozan Gundogdu has updated over 1450 of the original 1654 coding sequences published in the year 2000. 300 product functions were also updated. A link to the new file containing updated annotations can be found here.

In addition, the website incorporates a list of Campylobacter mutants produced by researchers within the Wren group and in collaboration with Julian Ketley's group at The University of Leicester. We also have information regarding the Campylobacter protein map within the Proteomics section.

Other useful links relating to Campylobacter include;

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Microarray/Bioinformatics facility used for Campylobacter research - Genome Resource Facility - GRF

Database for Campylobacter genome analysis - CampyDB

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Microarray construction site using Campylobacter - BG@S

We hope you find the Campylobacter Resource Facility website useful and if you have any comments please contact us.