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Wren group Campylobacter mutants


The Wren group has a number of researchers carrying out functional analysis of selected Campylobacter genes. Mutants have been created by Andrey Karlyshev and Gillian Thacker using the double-tagged signature mutagenesis method. This work has been carried out in collaboration with Julian Ketley at The University of Leicester. A list of mutants available can be found in the link below. Mutants are present in five different construction stages;

  1. Mutants with double-tag

  2. Mutants with single-tag

  3. Mutants created without tags

  4. Constructs available for producing mutants in C. jejuni NCTC11168 and others

  5. Mutants undergoing construction

Campylobacter mutants list available here. This list is regularly updated.

The Campylobacter mutagenesis programme was funded by the BBSRC under the Exploiting Functional Genomics initiative.